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Axor Starck V by Philippe Starck

Axor Starck V by Philippe Starck

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#263 The Span - a smartwatch that’s not trying to be a smartphone.

Despite the jump hour mechanism being a bit confusing to read at first, we love the perfectly functional minimalism of this concept and Span’s clever input system based on simple interactions with the round dial along the outer edge. 

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YOY design studio casts light to create lamp shade silhouette

YOY design studio casts light to create lamp shade silhouette

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Pinch - system fo chronic pain management by Loris Bottello

Pinch is a system for chronic pain management, composed of an interactive bracelet, a docking base for recharging and synchronising, and an online application. The bracelet allows a patient to record the pain level through the day, whenever and wherever is needed, together with pulse rate, drug consumption, physical activity level and quality of sleep. Through the docking base, data recorded in the bracelet is transferred to the servers of the system, and become consultable with a graphic interface which let the user analyse possible patterns and get meaningful insights, thanks to the possibility of adding comments and details to every record of pain. Collected data can be shared with doctors and relatives, so they can be updated in real time about the condition of the patient.


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Moto 360: Designing the Modern Timepiece


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This app would be awesome. Too bad it is a joke.

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Agma Wooden Trivets by Valentin Bussard

Photographed by Dominique Green

Materials: Ash wood and felt

Created from the scrap wood of the Pragma project, hence its current name AGMA. Waste wood pieces are simply glued onto the felt, available in four colors, red / blue / green / gray and two sizes. 

Combinable and stackable to meet all your sizes of dishes and take up less space in storage.

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Spritz, a new way to read faster (test it here)
Yay or nay?

Spritz, a new way to read faster (test it here)

Yay or nay?

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Cloudwash by Berg

"Cloudwash is a prototype washing machine. We created Cloudwash to explore how connectivity will change the appliances in our homes… and to figure out what new features will be possible."

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New Sigma’s dp Quattro cameras

New Sigma’s dp Quattro cameras

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The Evolution door by Klemens Torggler

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Whoa, didn’t see that coming! 5 years already? :)

Whoa, didn’t see that coming! 5 years already? :)

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9/10 Bird Feeder by Dorogaya

The feeder is made as a small branch of about 30 centimetres long, on which several pieces of lard or any other birds’ dainties can be hung. However, its distinguishing feature is that it is provided with a suction cup that allows fixing the feeder right on a window. This creates the conditions for a very close contact of a human with wildlife.

Igor Pinigin, Dorogaya: ‘At my place, the feeder is fixed right on the kitchen window, about half a meter away from the dinner table, so very often tomtits and me dine together. Emotional component is an important feature of this project.

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